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Guarantor Guide

You have asked me to act as a guarantor, what do I need to do?

Your details will be provided to us by the tenant taking a property with us. We will then email you a copy of the tenancy along with the guarantor form which you will need to sign online.

To act as a guarantor you must be a UK resident who lives and works in the UK, earning a minimum of £17,500 per annum. We will require proof of ID and address in the form of driving licence and passport/ utility bills. We may also require proof of income such as wage slips, contract of employment/ letter from employer or P60.

What liability do the tenants have with regards to paying rent? The tenant(s) are signing a jointly and severally liable assured shorthold tenancy agreement. This means all tenants share equal liability for the total monthly rent. Ultimately, if a tenant defaults on ‘their portion’ of the rent the other tenants will be liable to pay this under the terms of the tenancy agreement.


What is my liability as a guarantor? You are liable for the tenant named on the guarantor agreement. You will be contacted for any outstanding payments or to inform you of any liabilities that are not adhered to by the tenant. Each tenant will have their own guarantor unless agreed otherwise (e.g. for international students).

Can I use a photo-card driving licence as proof of ID and proof of address? Yes. You will need to attach two copies to the document as the Docusign template requires this before the document is complete.

You are chasing me for a completed form, but I think I have already signed it. Docusign allows users an option to fax part of the form to us. Commonly guarantors will fill in the form correctly, but use the fax option as a means to send proof of ID and address through to us. If you have selected this option please print the front cover, and fax the documents along with the cover page to the London Docusign fax number 03308220429.

How to sign the guarantor forms

  • Click the “view documents” link within this email (below), which will open the online document in a new window.
  • Click the tick box next to “I agree to use electronic records and signatures”, and press continue.
  • There will be a tag on the document which says “sign”, click this and either draw or type your signature in to the box provided (the “change style” button on the right-hand side of the preview box will allow you to change the font to match your physical signature). Once you are satisfied with your signature, click “adopt and sign”.
  • Below the signature box, there are sections relating to “relationship to tenant”, “email address” and “telephone number”. If we are missing any of this information, a red data box will be included on the document. If you see these red boxes please click on each box and type in the relevant information.
  • Scroll down the first page slightly and you will see two tags both with paperclips on them. Please click these in order to attach your proof of ID and proof of address in the relevant boxes. NB: when you click on these tags please ensure you press the ‘upload’ option not ‘fax’!
  • Once you have completed everything, the bar at the top of the page will read “Done! Select Finish to send the completed document”. Click “finish” to the right of this message.
  • After you click finish, a window will pop up giving you the option to sign up for a Docusign account. You can skip this by simply clicking “no thanks” at the bottom of this window.
  • You will receive another email from a member of staff via Docusign to confirm the guarantor document has been completed.
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