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Contract Holder Fees

Relevant letting fees and Contract holder protection information

To apply for a contract (payable to Cardiff Student Letting)

Holding Deposit: One weeks rent per person. This payment is offset against the amount owing on the Security Deposit or first rental payment. Security Deposit: Usually one month's rent. This must be paid within 15 days of the date of the Holding Deposit Payment.

Rent, charged per calendar month. If you move in mid month the first payment is calculated using the daily rate plus the next full calendar month's rent.

During the Contract: In addition to paying the rent, you may also be required to make the following payments: Utilities: gas, water and electricity. Communications: telephone and broadband. Subscription to cable/ satellite supplier (including installation). Television licence. Council Tax.

Other permitted payments:

The contract holder(s) will be liable to pay for any costs arising from breaches in the occupation contract.

This includes but is not limited to:

(a) Missed appointments – such as a landlord arranging with a contract holder(s) for a contractor to carry out remedial work at a dwelling, and a contract holder subsequently refusing entry, or not 29 being home to allow entry, resulting in charges to the landlord. Total payment due will be the actual cost of invoice.

(b) Avoidable or purposeful damage to dwelling – damage to a dwelling caused by neglect or careless or wilful behaviour by the contract holder, any Member of the contract holders’ Household or any of the contract holders’ visitors. For example, drains blocked by the contract holder(s) waste or boiler repair claims caused by not having any credit on a utility meter.

(c) Replacement keys – loss of any keys by the contract holder(s) requiring a landlord to arrange for the cutting of new keys and delivery of those keys to the contract holder(s) including any change of locks and/or additional keys being required. Total payment due will be the actual cost of invoice.

(d) Emergency/out of hours call-out fees – fees incurred as a result of a landlord arranging for someone to attend the contract holder(s)’ dwelling at the request of a contract holder(s), such as a locksmith or an emergency glazier at the early hours of the morning, when the problem had been caused by the contract holder(s) in the first place, such as a window broken on purpose, or keys locked inside a house. Total payment due will be the actual cost of invoice.

(e) Interest on late payment- If the contract holder(s) fails to pay, within 7 days of the due date, any amount of Rent or other sum payable to the Landlord under this occupation contract, the contract holder(s) will, on demand, pay to the Landlord interest on that amount at the rate of three per cent per year above the Bank of England base rate, calculated from the due date until actual payment. 

Early Termination of a contract:

Early termination of a contract will be considered by the agent/landlord and negotiations on any cost will be determined on the individual circumstances. However it should be noted that there is no guarantee that the landlord will agree to a proposed early termination and where no such agreement is made, the contract-holder will remain liable for the total sums as required in the occupation contract. The landlord is full within their rights to expect to be paid for the entirety of the contract. 

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