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Properties are usually provided with a gas, electric and water supply. When moving into a property, ensure you take meter readings (water may be have a meter too).

Gas and Electricity

These are usually billed quarterly but there are alternative methods of payment. You can pay by monthly direct debit (usually the cheapest rate).

Water Rates

At the end of your tenancy, you and your landlord/letting agent need to agree how your deposit will be repaid.

Council Tax

There will be no Council Tax charge where full time students only occupy a house. If you are liable for the council tax you can check the band.

Sharing Bills

One of the biggest worries about sharing bills is that somehow you will end up paying for more than your share. If your name is the only one on the bill, then you may find yourself in the position where everyone has left at the end of the year, leaving you to pay the final bill.

If you are the only name on the bill, then you can be liable for the whole amount. However, you may be able to prove there were other ‘beneficial users’ who should be equally liable for their share. Utility companies can often be more open to accepting this if you offer them your share of the bill first.

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